Womb Engineering

Pregnancy failure can be caused by 1/3 embryo factors and 2/3 uterine factors (Simón et al., 1998). Hormonal disorders, infections, or surgical trauma cause uterine factors.

Until now, the existing therapy to grow a thin uterine wall is hormonal therapy or plasma therapy. However, in certain patients, this does not provide an improved response.
Our team developed therapy for uterine walls that are not responsive to existing treatment, with the principle of regeneration to regrow the uterine wall using biological womb patches and cell therapy, using a uterine catheter (UteroFIX®) so that it makes maximum contact with the uterine wall being treated.
UteroFIX® is a uterine catheter specifically designed to suit the anatomical size of Asian women so that it does not cause mules or rejection; it is aimed at applying medication to the uterine wall, preventing adhesion in the uterine wall and stopping bleeding.

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